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Here is Japanese cottage ( Japanese rural small holiday home.)


An inspiring experience

If you are looking for an inn where you can experience the feeling and atmosphere of old Japan, in Ise, look no further than this inn. Because this minshuku is an old-fashioned Japanese country house(rulal house) built around 1960 (just like a Japanese grandma’s house). The shoji screens, fusuma sliding doors, and baths in the tatami room are completely lost in modern times. If you stay here, you can also touch such culture. It will be a deep experience and memory for you .

Accommodation/”minpaku” (rural private lodging)

『We manage the operation of a guest house in the countryside and provide a day trip experience guide.』
Relax with your family and friends.Because it is far from Nagoya and Osaka
If you come this far, forget about your daily life. And enjoy your own time , with your family , with your friends and so on.

One group per day!​

As a single-family guesthouse that takes advantage of nature
Deepen family communication
Guesthouse、Visit when you want to turn it off firmly

Welcome! To Miyoshi

less is more

“There is nothing urban convenience here.”
However, there is  rich nature

“Relaxing time” in the Japanese countryside

2 hours from Nagoya, 3 hours from Osaka until our guesthouse

If you feel tired in the city,

With wrapped in nature

Feel relax 

​​A luxurious time …

With friends and family

To the fullest in nature

“Play” “Experience”

Full of communication and smiles

Enjoy the holidays!

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